I’m Leaving Medium Temporarily to Become a Better Person

A journey to a better, crazier, and happier life as a software engineer

David Goudet


So if you want to be a writer, put “writing” on hold for a while… Everything that is good in my writing came from risks I took outside of school, outside of the “craft.”

(For me) It was going to therapy. It was getting into pointless arguments. It was having friends who are smarter than me. It was traveling. It was living (briefly) in the ghetto….

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In this article, I’m going to be brutally honest. I’m going to expose myself because I’m not trying to sell anything. I just want to help.

Truth be told, years ago when I was studying, as the typical software engineering student, I was too weird to date girls.

I learned everything related to ‘The Game’. I became a very extroverted person and made a lot of friends, but despite that, I wasn’t having any dates.

The good thing about becoming obsessed with this subject is you can learn a lot of psychology, create better relationships with your friends, and have a lot of fun. Even if you’re not dating anyone.

Years later, I stumbled upon a podcast episode with advice for men for being a better version of themselves: getting in shape, dressing better, having a better job position, etc.

I’m a stoic myself. I believe in the power of changing our behavior to accomplish things in life while avoiding the victim's mindset.

I took that advice and started working to become a better person with better self-esteem. I learned to dance; I started going to the gym consistently; I landed a better job; I started eating healthier and dressing in nice clothes.

Today I date women I couldn’t even imagine in the past. I’m still trying to process the rush of the last year of my life, but my takeaway is very simple:

What you need to be successful in life is to get organically better at the things you need to do. Anything else is sugarcoating.

Now it's time to do it in my professional life.

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David Goudet

Senior Software Engineer from Venezuela living in Madrid. Top Writer in AI and Technology. Singularity University/US Dept of State alumni.