An Engineer’s Search For Meaning

This is what happens after accomplishing what you wanted

David Goudet
6 min readNov 14, 2023

June 23, 2023. My flight is canceled and I have to travel to Rome to take another one. I am alone, and this is my first time in Rome. I rush to see the Colosseum, it’s 10 pm.

While I’m there, contemplating the glory of the structure, I sit down and start thinking about my life.

All I feel is profound grief.

I’m having a good life as a software engineer, and I feel I accomplished everything I ever wanted.

I’ve given lectures, I’ve had deep relationships, I became a senior software engineer, I’ve danced a lot, and I have lots of friends.

I experienced everything I wanted, at least in sample bottle size. And that led me to a profound and scary void in my heart.

The series of events that followed this realization led me to the most productive times of my life. I turned that feeling into a month of pure growth: 350 new followers on X, 120 new email subscribers, 60,000 tweet impressions, and an interview.



David Goudet

Senior Software Engineer from Venezuela living in Madrid. Top Writer in AI and Technology. Singularity University/US Dept of State alumni.